Thursday Night on The Northwest Passage / by Pat Kane

                                                              Kenneth Kaloon looks down a crack in the ice. 

I got a knock on my door yesterday about 5pm from Kenneth Kaloon, a 20-year-old from Gjoa Haven, Nunavut. I'm working with his mother, Helen, at the Ullulaq Inuit Arts Gallery here and she asked Kenneth to take me out for an evening hunting trip. Kenneth's girlfriend, Shania, and their baby boy Wyatt came along too. And so did Kenneth's little cousin, Enego, my new buddy who told jokes and tried to teach me Inuktitut along the way. We saw a few seals - Kenneth almost hunted one but missed and it dove back into the water. He tried to get some snow geese too but no luck. No matter. We had tea and told stories and joked around. It was a great evening with my new friends. I won't forget our time together on the Northwest Passage.