YK Salvagers / by Pat Kane

                                               Al Shearing, one of Yellowknife's legendary dump salvagers.

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece for VICE about Yellowknife's Solid Waste Facility and the people who salvage there. You can read that story here. I spent a few days at the dump talking to people and getting a general sense of why the YK Solid Waste Facility is important to so many. The dump is a place to find very good items - trash that really isn't trash at all. Some of it is used for art, some for their homes, some is refurbished and resold. It's also said that salvaging is a forward-thinking, green, and effective way to recycle items while at the same time adding character and culture to the city. While I was there working on this story I took a lot of portraits and I was happy to get some insight into the salvaging world. Only a few photos made the article due to space so I thought I'd post the portraits of everyone else I met. Enjoy.

Dave Kellett

Ayrma Schreurs

Bruce Bourque

Ian Forrest

Thomas DeBastiani

Lesley Johnson

Kim Fuller

Jeremy Emerson and Bowie

Peter Eyakfwo

Rory Macneill and Becky Davis

Bill Tetsa

Walt Humphries

Myka Jones

Marina Crews

Maliq Barnard

Kellan Marshall and Victoria Ollerhead

Mike Lacroix

Sue and Norm Glowach

Katie Glowach

Ben Russo

Jack Carter

Kelsey Magill and Tyson Hauger

Elvis Brown

Marvin Tarr

Tim Harris, Alana Harris, Wayne Davidson and Susie Davidson

Jay Macleod

Gary Adams

Ken, Teetee and Beatrice Neyelle

Fred Murphy

Lachlan Maclean

Stephen Woolf

Spencer Kaufman, Nick Henry, Rob Burrough, Keegan Lawton and Ken Burke

Loren McGinnis

John Poulter

Ryan McCord

Joel Maillet

Terry Pamplin

Elke Richter

Wallace Hickey

A man who wished to remain anonymous and Buddy Ezery

Claudia Bruehlmann

Percy Wedzin

Mary Stripewolf

Anne Losier