Sailing Great Slave Lake / by Pat Kane

                               The bow of Sundance sails over choppy waves on Great Slave Lake, NWT.

Just returned home after four days of sailing from Blanchet Island to Yellowknife on Great Slave Lake. My good friend Julian Morse bought his sail boat, Sundance, this summer so he invited myself and our pal Ben Singer on a great little getaway. Calm winds kept us from doing much sailing the first two days but all was not lost: we fished for trout, hiked some islands, rummaged through an abandoned exploration camp, soaked up the sun, had several beers and ate good food. The wind picked up the last couple days, so we raised the sails and surfed ten foot waves, making good distance quickly back to Yellowknife. Not a bad way to close out a Northern summer.

                                                                              Julian, Ben and Jake.

                                                                           Shelter Bay, Blanchet Island.

                                                                    Cruising through Hearne Channel.

                                                                                          Gros Cap.

                                                                     Heading into the lake's North Arm.

                                                       Abandoned exploration camp near Drybones Bay.

                                                                           Sundance at Drybones Bay.