Destination Deline / by Pat Kane

                                          The shoreline of Deline, Northwest Territories, at dusk in August.

This past week I was working in Deline, Northwest Territories, a small community located just south of the Arctic Circle on the shore of Great Bear Lake. I was there doing some travel photography for the community's tourism initiative called Destination Deline which invites retired adventurers with an interest in Northern Canada to participate in cultural activities and meet Deline residents to learn about life in this small town. This is the very first group to visit Deline under this new program and it was a massive success. The group was welcomed with arms wide open by elders, children and community leaders. We attended a drum dance, went net fishing, toured the community and had homemade meals of fresh trout and caribou. Hats off to the organizers of this program: Destination Deline, Road Scholar, ITI, The Hotkey Group and of course, the residents of Deline. I've traveled a lot in the North and I have to say that Deline has some of the friendliest and warm-hearted people I've met. Thanks for welcoming us to your beautiful community, I hope you enjoy these photos!