Coca-Cola North / by Pat Kane

                                                       Kim for Coca-Cola/Vice Media. 

This month I shot a series of images for Coca-Cola via Vice Media. The idea was to showcase the Coca-Cola brand in a Northern setting for their winter ad campaigns, which will be seen worldwide in the coming months. 

Here are some of the outtakes from the shoot - the final selects will be featured on Vice's social media platforms, so be sure to watch for them.

Big thanks to all who helped: Laurie Sarkadi and Francois Rossouw for the use of their cabin, and my incredible models: Lisa, Kim, Susan, Kevin and Sarah. And of course Siku and Scott, our wonderdogs! It's going to be really cool to see all of you in a Coca-Cola ad!

Lisa and Siku

Susan and Kevin

Sarah, Susan and Kevin